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07/11/09 10:21 AM #72    


Rod Schoenrock

What a good time we had last night, looking forward to tonight. F**king Goebel--- thats all I have to say about that. Those that couldn't make it, you missed a fun time. Hope you can make it back sometime.

07/12/09 08:41 PM #73    

Fred Arnold

Oh my God! What a weekend! It was so great to see everyone. I really wish those who weren't there can be informed whatthey missed out on. It is amazing to me how after 30 years we all seem to still "click". Experiences during our four years at FHS have indeed transcended three decades. That's pretty cool.

07/13/09 12:01 PM #74    

Tammy Hinks (Swett)

So I am thinking it will take a few days for all of us to recover. What a great time and it was a blast seeing everyone! Gary he amazed us all...rode all the way from Fairbury to Steele City Saturday morning with the cruise ride on a bicycle...and there are so many other stories. We even had some classmates there for the first time and that was great seeing them.

07/13/09 02:15 PM #75    

Dan Jackson

Great to see everyone!!

I am concerned, however, thinking about all those future reunions. You are all looking so old and decrepit whereas I have maintained my youthful good looks and slim trim body........

07/13/09 07:37 PM #76    

Tom Adams

What a great time this weekend! Special thanks to Clint and Tammy for all their extra work!!! Even my liver thanks you. (Whats left of it.) Can't wait for 35th. GREAT seeing everyone!

07/14/09 01:19 AM #77    


Rod Schoenrock

What a good time, Thanks to all of you that came down for breakfast. Sorry I couldn't spend time visiting but it sucks being me sometimes.LOL thanks again and hope everyone made it home safe and sound.

07/14/09 08:43 AM #78    

Tammy Hinks (Swett)

But Rod you looked so cute in your apron! lol...Clint wrote a recap of the events you can find it on the left in the yellow box under classmates profiles. Does anyone have a picture they can send me of Clint and his wig?

07/15/09 09:03 AM #79    

Jeff Wichman

Looks like Fred Arnold may have overdone it at the reunion. He had his gall bladder taken out yesterday. Must've been the excitement of seeing me...or too many drinks! Send him a "get well wish" if you can. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

07/15/09 01:49 PM #80    


Gary Goebel

I had an amazing time- even the ten hour drive home was therapeutic- I listened to a Grisham novel. I told everyone here about me "cruisin' with the big dogs" and they thought I was as goofy as you all did. Spandex is not my best look, is it?

I am in favor of a five year hiatus, rather than ten, for the next reunion. My liver suggests we go ten.

Anyone want to get together at a Husker game this fall? I am looking into going with Barry DeJong to the 300th consecutive sell out against LA Lafayette. (That weekend is my wife's birthday, so I am working out the details.) Let me know if you will be in Lincoln for that game.

11/13/09 09:26 PM #81    

Londa Roland (McBride)

:-) Life is all what it is and who may no whatit will be. May everyone have fun, live long, go far and be happy.

06/02/10 11:25 PM #82    


Rod Schoenrock

Sad News for our class, after just weeks of losing Craig we have lost another classmate. Kenny "Doc" Duensing passed away tonight. My heart is very heavy and tears in my eyes. R.I.P. Doc...

06/23/14 09:37 AM #83    


Tim Hill

Not much going on in this forum.sad


06/24/14 12:11 AM #84    


Julie Earhart

Newsflash! Party at Earhart's house Friday night. Tim Hill will be here.

07/01/14 10:05 PM #85    


Nancy Nuckolls (Videtich)

After the wine-tasting???

07/01/14 10:57 PM #86    


Julie Earhart

Sure or during, I'll be here!

07/16/14 08:16 AM #87    


Gary Goebel

Greetings from SE Wisconsin.  I won't be at the reunion this year- too much time on the road in different directions and too many things pulling me back here.  But I will lift a cold New Glarus beer to the West and salute you all from afar.  

  I will admit to being less than diligent about checking this forum. If you want to reach out and hassle me for not making the sojourn to Fairbury, you can reach me at

  Really wishing I could bring my bike (non-Harley) to the poker run. That would have been a trip for me!  


07/16/14 08:18 AM #88    


Gary Goebel

BTW, Wine TASTING or SLAMMING?  There is some precedent for the latter there.  devil


07/23/14 11:34 AM #89    

Dwane Ebeling

Hey!!anyone up yet!! Just got in town looking around, some places still look same and of course some run down, so who has to still work? Or who can come out and play!!! Just text or call 859-380 0193 let the good times roll, c u all soon!!

07/23/14 01:22 PM #90    

Dwane Ebeling

Any one up for golf on Friday morning at hidden acres? What do you say?

07/23/14 01:46 PM #91    

Dwane Ebeling

Did I get in on the golf outing for Saturday? I checked on the site first time I checked now it's chanced and I don't know if I'm go to go?

07/24/14 12:29 PM #92    


Denise Engel (Bannister)

Wish we could join you guys.  We landed in Kansas City yesterday and will head for Iowa today for a family reunion.  We are celebrating my dad's 90th birthday and my parents 65th wedding anniversary.  

Hope to catch you all at the next one.  It's been too long since we've been there.  California's just not like home!  I always need a consistent dose of the midwest...there's nothing like it:)

Have a great time!!


07/24/14 11:36 PM #93    


Nancy Nuckolls (Videtich)

Will miss you Denise!! Tell your Dad Happy Birthday and your folks Happy Anniversary from all of the Nuckolls :)


07/26/14 08:19 AM #94    

Dwane Ebeling

Good morning y'all had a great time talking and seeing everyone!!! Thanks to all who put that together! And thanks to Jules for letting us party at her place. Class of 79 4 ever!!!

07/28/14 10:49 AM #95    

Della Polage (Crutcher)

Had a great time this weekend! See you in 5.

07/30/14 11:59 PM #96    


Nancy Nuckolls (Videtich)

What a fabulous time at the 35th. Thanks to all who were responsible for the fun times - really really enjoyed it!!

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